September 10, 2014


This cute and clever piece of furniture, called Dice, has been created by Japanese studio Torafu Architects. Resembling rolling of a dice, the piece reveals different sides and functions. Envisioned as children’s furniture that can grow with its owner, Dice starts its life as a little desk and chair for a toddler. It continues as a shelf or a stool with extra storage.┬áDice will be manufactured by furniture maker Tanseisha.

(via spoon & tamago)

dice_03_Yosuke_Owashi-600x400 dice_04_Yosuke_Owashi-600x400 dice_02_Yosuke_Owashi-600x400 dice_05_Yosuke_Owashi-600x400 dice_06_Yosuke_Owashi-600x400

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