May 19, 2016


This new Kickstarter made my week. Hangbird is a hanging drying rack that frees your living space by drying your clothes beneath the ceiling. A godsend for a small apartment. The product was born out of necessity. After several dialogues with his wife, Hangbird creator Samuel Kutter found a functional solution for drying his family’s laundry: a hanging drying rack. Interest soon spread for this unusual design among friends and family. Many wanted one too. He therefore decided to develop a real product inspired by an old Victorian model and started his own venture. Practical, appealing, and sustainably produced. I especially love the fact that you can choose the piece in different sizes to fit whatever crazy space you have. Pledge here to get buy.



Maru on 05/28/16

It’s not a new invention 🙂 Has been there since the Victorians, if not before. But nice to see it revived.

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