July 29, 2016


Every cat owner has been there. You buy a space-consuming piece of cat furniture, spend a lot of money, assemble it, only to find out that your cat prefers the box it came in. That’s cat logic for you. Designers at BoxKitty must have experienced the same phenomenon, which is why they came up with this clever solution. Based on a cardboard box cats love so much, the product arrives flat and contains eight different container types. With these elements, you can build anĀ infinite number of configurations, which you can change at any point to keep your cat and yourself entertained. The assembly is achieved via hook and loop sticky tabs, so it’s simple and fast. Double-layer corrugated cardboard is scratch resistant, strong and even water repellent so that cat accidents can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Watch the video after the break to see the piece in action. Available for purchase here.





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