September 14, 2015


Growing up in Soviet Russia, I remember an odd piece of furniture that most of us bought to accommodate an occasional overnight guest. It was an uncomfortable pull-up chair that could be transformed into an equally uncomfortable (and mercilessly narrow) bed. This is why I am so excited about this witty evolution of the old idea by Moscow based designer Elena Sidorova. She aims at the same function, but approaches it with infinitely more pizazz and ergonomic kindness. The Flop chair looks comfortable and spacious, and it can be easily turned into a functional tween bed. And as a bonus feature, all the guest bed paraphernalia (pillows, comforters, and sheets) can be stored right here, inside the chair.



August 18, 2013


This clever transformable piece, called Trix, has been created by the famed Piero Lissoni for Italian brand Kartell. The beauty of the idea is in a simple rotating movement, with which Trix can be transformed into several different types of furniture. From a day bed, to a lounger or an armchair, even an ottoman. Lay it directly on the floor or carpet, or mount it on a platform; it looks and functions equally great in either arrangement. Trix is made of expanded polyurethane and is upholstered in three-dimensional woven polyester fabric. Available for purchase here.