January 19, 2016


Bottleship Mark 2 is a midcentury classic by renown¬†Ernest Race and a reminder that well-designed things don’t age. A witty little hybrid between a mini-bar and a magazine rack has all the potential to be a shoebox hit. It is compact, multifunctional, and packs lots of character. Available for purchase here.

HT Bookshelf


October 26, 2011

New York based architect Jen Turner created this small but oh so mighty item, aptly called The NewYorker. The piece is a witty workplace/bar combination, that embraces our gotham city sensitivities (and stereotypes) fully.¬†This seemingly minimal box has one side that opens to reveal a desk complete with compartments for work-related storage. Spin the piece around and the other side reveals a bar equipped with a shelf for bottles, a drawer for accoutrements and a pull-out bar surface. Just about everything a true NYer needs to get through 24 hours…