September 20, 2013


Not sure why designers called this bookcase Rocky, possibly because it truly rocks. Created by Charles Kalpakian of Paris-based studio La Chance, the piece features an angular and sculptural line. Designer created a 3D variation of a classic pattern used by cabinet makers. He plays with our perception of space and volume with an object that reveals and changes according to the observer’s point of view. Brilliant! Available for purchase here.

(via bltd)


October 11, 2012

London based studio JiB came up with this beautiful multifunctional item. The piece, called Credenza O, is divided between traditional storage a versatile area, that can be used in several different ways. The sunken top surface makes room for the ceramic pieces, handmade by a celebrated ceramist Sun Kim. These vases of various diameter can be used as planters (which is my favorite option), storage vessels or simply left alone as empty decorative objects. The furniture is hand crafted in a workshop in Britain.