June 6, 2013


7wonders modular table by Swedish designer Amanda Karsberg is a set of six differently sized tables that can be put into various configurations. Thanks to the shape of these pieces, they fit together intuitively and can be easily rearranged when needed. You can disperse them around and use them as occasional tables and consoles, put them together to create a large desk or a dining table, create a combination of a small desk, a display and a console and more. The variations are multiple. Beautiful idea.

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May 22, 2013


The Desk Pad by Eric Degenhardt is a minimalist and space-saving alternative to a traditional home office arrangement. The piece is wall-mounted, which means – no precious floor real estate have been wasted. Perfect for those of us living in tight quarters! I also love the combination of thin powder coated steel and leather. The Desk Pad contains storage compartments for you files, papers and writing tools. Though compact and streamlined, it has enough space for a power strip, a necessity of our time.

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April 30, 2013


The Litho desk has been created by French designer Thibault Desombre for the furniture brand Ligne Roset. The piece features a natural oak veneer top with drawer on the left-hand side, plus a satin-lacquered desk top at an angle on the right-hand side.  ”Litho is a poetic approach to the workspace,” – designer note. But in addition to the inspired look, it is also quite practical. The clever asymmetrical shape of the desktop creates more space while remaining compact. The desk comes in white, mustard, caramel or deep khaki.


April 22, 2013

In a tiny space having a full size bed and a full size desk is a rare combination. Unless some clever thinking is involved. Hers is an interesting idea from Baltimore based designer Graham Phakos – Urban Desk. The spacious desk is hidden underneath a double bed. As the bed pivots to lean against the wall, the desk is lifted to the appropriate height. The arrangement also makes room for extra storage – always a welcome addition to any urban dwelling. The piece is only a concept at this point. I really hope it finds its way to production.


April 9, 2013


+ Table series by Amsterdam based studio Fraaiheid is a line of multifunctional pieces that can be used for working and dining. The + in the name refers to the connecting principle. Each table can be assembled in minutes without the use of hardware or tools, simply by interlocking the parts. The pieces are made from CNC-cut laminated birch plywood and come in a variety of colors.

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March 7, 2013


Here is a clever way to put work at home on its proper place – a wall desk that closes when not in use. The piece, designed by Canada based designer Glenn Ross, offers a practical and space-saving approach to home office. Designed to be used when standing, it is perfect for underused spaces. You can mount it in the entryway or even in the kitchen as a mail sorting/writing/catch all item. Slots and drawers are sized to fit standard letter paper. The desk is made from bent birchply with a choice of five wood veneers.


February 20, 2013


This multifunctional desk that doubles as a compact bed has been created by Athanasia Leivaditou of Studio NL. Designer says that the piece was inspired by her “experiences while studying and working in New York.” Ha! In its desk form, the item looks like a rather traditional 6’5″ workspace. When unfolded into a bed - the front facade comes down to form the base and mattress. The right facade drops to create a headrest. Here is how Athanasia describes the project: “The main concept was to comment the fact that our lives are shrinking in order to fit into the confined space of our office. Eventually I realized that each civilization may have a very different perception of things depending on its social context. For example this desk could be used for a siesta or for a few hours of sleeping at night between deadlines.” This sleeping nook under the desk can also brighten the day of any busy professional working long hours. I sure can use one right now…

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February 13, 2013


The Homework Desk by London-based designer Robin Grasby is a highly flexible work and storage station. The piece rests on a simple beech trestle and has options for felt storage slings, drawers, integrated wooden ruler, book support, monitor shelf, cutting mat, whiteboard, space for vertical filing and charging ports for your devices… An impressive range of specifications for a single item! Designer interviewed a number of desk users – designers, teachers, architects, illustrators – and concluded that no two workspaces are alike. Each user has a unique set of functional requirements. This modular piece comes as close to building your own desk as possible. Great idea beautifully executed.


February 6, 2013


This minimalist wall desk by Dario Antonioni is a clever multi-use object. With its full surface slide out tray and wire management slot, it is perfect as a laptop station, full desktop station or just a writing desk. And when the work is over, the piece can be easily adapted as a display shelf with extra storage – something everyone can find use for. The piece comes in walnut or rift oak. Available for purchase here.


January 20, 2013



Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

GRO furniture is a remarkable solution to a fact of life: very little about a child stays the same for long. As most parents can attest, that can make things pretty expensive pretty fast. GRO’s genius is to turn this reality to advantage by designing a piece of children’s furniture that will change as the child changes – and change back when it’s time to pass it on to the next generation or sibling. In between it can break down and be stored flat-packed for space saving.

Things start, naturally, with the crib. As the child grows the crib will convert to a toddler bed, then to a daybed, next to a play table, and finally to a desk – all using simple conversion kits. This makes GRO furniture a potentially multi-generational cradle-to-college design solution.

GRO was designed by two architects, a fact reflected in its quality of construction and easy, hardware- and fastener-free assembly. Made in the USA.