January 21, 2014


No two workspaces are alike, because working process is such a unique experience. That’s why a customizable desk is always a good idea. This one, envisioned by San Francisco based designer Francois Dransart, features so many storage ideas at once, anyone can find a comfortable setting. Perfect for OCD sufferers like me. The piece integrates lighting, boxes, trays, felt pockets, even a headphone stand. And you can be very neato with your cables and cords, thanks to a clever hidden compartment. The desk is a concept so far, the I one really hope to see produced. Watch the video after the break for a more detailed view of the piece.


January 6, 2014


Podpad is a thin portable desk by Portland based designer Matt Raphael. Aside from being a space-saving gem, the piece is a great hub for all your tech. Podpad’s 4.5-inch profile belies its multiple functions. Its shadowbox highlights your iPhone or iPod dock and connects it to an integrated audio system. It offers laptop storage, space for mail and files, and a charging station for all your electronic gear. Wishlisted.


January 2, 2014


SIXtematic standing desk is a beautifully crafted space-saving piece, created by Hungarian brand Sixay. The piece is perfect for a small apartment, for it lets you to create a functional workspace in any unused corner. SIXtematic has ample storage, smart compartment for a power strip (to connect all your gizmos), it is ergonomic and compact. Sixay landed the Interior Innovation Award 2014 for this desk, which is not at all surprising.


December 19, 2013


Oxymoron Desk is an unusual workstation, created by Spanish designer Anna Lotova. Fitted with a cushy pocket, the desk combines an open desktop with an ample (though rather unexpected) storage solution. Designer elaborates: “Oxymoron is a workplace with a lot of attitude but in a sober manner where the details highlight the profile you want for the moment. It represents an interaction between two physically opposite materials, in which they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” The piece shows a beautiful contrast between a traditional desk structure and fun and relaxed, almost garment-like, storage,  allowing creativity and self-discipline coexist.


December 14, 2013

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Since we are on the subject of transforming dining tables, consider this clever invention – stackable table trestles. Designed by Czech studio Master&Master, these compact metal objects are a true gem for every flat, studio or even a gallery. They are stable, yet lightweight and are available in two widths: 55 cm (recommended table top width 65 cm) and 70 cm (recommended table top width 80 cm). The table top is secured in place by plastic backplates, included in the packaging. Brilliant. Available for purchase from designers’ website.


December 2, 2013


This gem of a piece graces the Berlin live-work apartment of Mira Schröder, exhibition designer for experimental design group BLESS. A spacious desk by day, it rotates into an instant bed! What a great idea for a studio apartment. The desk can be used as a cure for office fatigue. The attachment on the side provides storage and allows to quickly put the work-related stuff away before the transformation can take place. Contact designers directly for pricing and availability.

(via remodelista)


October 4, 2013


Multifunctional Desk is a concept project, developed by Polish designer Agata Nowak. A comfortable workspace by day, the piece unfolds into a dining table big enough to accommodate six persons. “The multifunctional desk is designed to help solving the problem of living and working in small spaces, – designer says. – Users can easily adapt the desk to their needs, and transform it during the day.” In its folded state the piece is very compact, and by simply unfolding one side – you can easily create another workspace or extend the existing one. I also love the secluded feel the desk has with both sides lifted. A useful feature for working in a room, where other activities take place.


October 1, 2013


Milan based designers Enrico De Lotto, Georgios (koli) Kolliopoulos and Cristian Loddo of studio Mandalaki created this timely object, called Mandalaki table. The piece consists of two iron pipe legs, that are attached to the double faced light blue/white tabletop without any screws, just by virtue of their curve. The table is easy to assemble and disassemble. But the best feature of the piece is the control over pesky cordage. It features six main plugs and two USB ports, which allow to charge iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobile devices. Here is how designers describe their idea: “Our relationship with electronic devices is changing fast, and the number of portable applications grows day by day. That’s why we developed a line of office / house instruments, that integrate the electricity outlet, easy to mount, and adapting to user’s new needs to simplify his actions.” Very clever.

Photography by Miro Zagnoli


September 26, 2013


This small and beautiful writing table has been created by Amsterdam based designer Roel Huisman. The piece is first in its kind, its tabletop is made from polyester resin. Added pigments informed the subtle aquamarine color and the opaque quality. Ash-wood accessories complete the workspace. The table features a lamp, a vase and a small storage compartment, concealed by a sliding ash writing surface.


September 2, 2013


Berlin based designer Michael Hilgers created this super compact desk, called Flatframe, for furniture brand Müller Möbelwerkstätten. Disguised as a wall art, the piece folds down into a functional workstation. It includes a non-slip surface, storage for your writing tools, slots for the iPad and iPhone, bulletin board, integrated sockets for your laptop and other devices. Impressive number of conveniences from an item that is just 2.5-inch thick. The Flatframe desk is a winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2013. No surprise there…