July 16, 2014


I really like this sleek compact desk by New York based designer Piet Houtenbos. It features a clever storage compartment, that, in my opinion, is an excellent alternative to drawers. Here is what the designer says about it: “Wynd is a new way to think about desk storage – it’s designed to be as thin as possible while maintaining useful storage. Thinness poses a unique problem for old fashioned storage (aka drawers): to access anything larger than a pencil you are forced to move your chair back to pull the drawer all the way open and retrieve the item. Instead, with no visible hardware (even underneath!), Wynd splits in two to reveal its contents.” To open the compartment, simply press the felted area in the center. Thanks to the innovative mechanism, the compartment stays open or closed without any additional manipulations.


July 8, 2014


Designed by David Manning of Not Just Chairs, Your Position is a bright idea for a home office, and here is why. It is adjustable and allows you to alternate between sitting and standing (points for your back health), it comes with various storage components that can be arranged in many different ways (points for modularity), finally – the system can be disassembled and stored flat (points for space-saving). And, if you need to shift gears completely, say, to entertain a group of guests, you can remove the desk and turn the station into a room divider. With storage. Yay.


May 2, 2014


Hong Kong-based designer Hao Ruan of LYCS Architecture has created CATable, an unusual desk featuring a series of tunnels for your cat. These openings and tunnels are handmade and follow the ergonomics of a cat. The intention was to allow pet owners to share their workspace with their feline friends. “It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats,” – says the designer. Who knows maybe your cat will be so touched by this thoughtful design that she even stops sitting on your keyboard.


May 1, 2014


MeetMyDesk is an attractive minimalist piece created by Danish designer Frederic Alexander Werner. I like how ample storage is in this small workspace. The desk features a drawer, paper compartment and a transportable box. The frame is made of solid Danish ash, the surface is covered by durable laminate, and the legs are made of powder coated steel. A beautiful piece for a small home office.


April 11, 2014


Every design project that reduces cordage clutter makes me feel grateful. The OneLess desk from Heckler Design does that while maintaining compact size, which makes it perfect for small apartments. The piece is made of 12-gauge powder coated steel (except for the feet, those are polypropylene so they won’t scratch the floor). It features a rare facing shelf underneath the tabletop that can contain all your cables and cords, freeing the main surface for more elegant objects. The desk comes in a variety of colors.


March 19, 2014


Taula is a perforated multifunctional table, created by Spanish studio Adretcient. The bottom layer of the tabletop has holes for planters. And the top layer consists of removable panels, so you can control the planter-work surface ratio. You can also add various elements to the tabletop in order to adapt it to different situations. Taula is made of birch and can serve as a desk or a dining table.

Photography by Guifré de Peray


March 7, 2014


The Ledge laptop desk by Seattle based studio Urbancase, is a nice idea for a shoebox apartment, for it barely stands our from the wall. At the same time it provides a pullout workstation, desktop, and storage. The hidden cubby, accessible through a flush mounted pencil tray, allows cords to nest in a separate compartment while the slot toward the rear of the unit reduces cord clutter on the top surface. The piece is made from solid walnut.


February 18, 2014


The Inlandsis desk is collaborative effort of two French designers Mathilde Roman and Pauline Androlus. Inspired by glaciers (hence the name), the piece features the cluster of pegs of different height, which not only creates an interesting visual landscape, but also provides clever storage. You can use the pegs to hold various papers and files, display photographs, even hang things. Another interesting storage idea, implemented in this project, is the flexible textile pocket underneath the desktop. You can use it for books, tablets, even a laptop. I love how unobtrusive and intuitive this storage is. It conquers clutter without any aesthetic sacrifices.


February 4, 2014


This beautiful minimalist piece has been created by German designer Felix Stark. Weightless and neutral, the secretary desk can fit in any corner and blend with any style – a great idea for a small apartment. In spite of its size and transparent design, the desk provides ample storage. And thanks to the hidden compartment on the back, it reduces cable clutter as well.


January 30, 2014

Capture One 26798.tif

The Nubo desk, created by Copenhagen-based design studio GamFratesi, has been inspired by vintage Air France luggage of the 60s. Space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, the piece is a perfect contender for a small apartment. It provides enough room for a laptop or occasional filing. In its open state, Nubo features a functional work surface equipped with a cable slit and a retaining bar for documents. When closed, it turns into a pin board.