February 10, 2015


Here is a cool way to lift your greenery off the counters and windowsills – Well Light. Designed by Toronto based studio Object Interface, this light fixture doubles as a planter. The shape of the lampshade is ideal for the plants to receive enough sunlight, while the body of the lamp is made of cast aluminum with an acid etched glass diffuser. The Well Light pendant lamp comes in black, white, or a combination of the two.


November 15, 2013



I love it when designers take an inherently cheap and banal material and just by virtue of an idea turn it into something exquisite. This is the case with Fly – a stunning pendant lamp, created by Finnish designer Susan Elo. The lightweight polypropylene structure of the piece shows delicate, origami-like simplicity. The lamp is designed to work with low-impact halogen bulbs. It is a part of a permanent collection of the Finnish Design Museum. A beauty…


September 16, 2013


Plumen Drop Cap pendant lamp is a minimalist lighting fixture that turns a lightbulb into a focal point. The special energy saving Plumen bulb is a thing of beauty in itself. The Drop Cap covers the lamp holder and the upper part of the bulb, framing the glass tubes of this bulb perfectly. The set comes with a cap and canopy, and matching fabric cable 6 1/2 feet (2 m) long. It can be attached to just about any ceiling and the cable can be adjusted in length as needed. The piece looks equally stunning as a single fixture or in clusters. Available for purchase here.


August 22, 2013


If fiddling with wiring is not your domain – consider this witty creation by Beppe Merlano, designed for the lighting brand Davide Groppi. The N-Euro pendant lamp embraces cordage and makes it a focal point. The cord is running freely and visibly from the ceiling to the powers source and is held in place by round connect-the-dots insulators. With this unorthodox approach you can really let your artistic flag fly and create various patterns on your walls and ceiling. The N-Euro lamp comes in black and white. Watch the video after the break to see how easily it is installed.


March 27, 2013


Super-Light is a witty fixture, created by German designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz. The idea of it is extremely simple: a bare light bulb and an extra long electrical cord wrapped around it. The result is a very cool, low key pendant lamp that can fit in any room of any style. You can be as creative with the piece as you like, cover the bulb with the cord or leave it open, adjust the length of the pendant… the choice is yours. Super-Light is handmade in Caritas Workshop for disabled adults. Sold here.


June 7, 2012

It’s Only a Paper Moon Lamp is the name of this simple and honest little piece, created by London based designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka. The object is reduced to three elements – a clothing pin, a bare bulb and a plain piece of paper. You can adjust the intensity of the light by varying the size of the paper. Very low tech and charming.

(via designboom)


April 20, 2012

This lighting fixture made me look. Wrappie Lamp by Warsaw based studio KABO&PYDO changes its height thanks to the adjustable cable, wrapped around the ceramic tube (hence the name). Rather interesting combination of a humble cable and elegant ceramic gives the lamp its charm. And because it can be suspended virtually over any surface, it can play many roles, even serve as a reading lamp, eliminating the need for a table one. The piece comes in white ceramic with blue, white, green and orange cable choices.


November 1, 2011

Fully adjustable lighting system that adopts seamlessly to our preferences and takes zero floor space? Yes, please. French design duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec created Aim lamp, a new project for Italian brand Flos. The piece is suspended from the ceiling and, thanks to the clever use of cables, can be adjusted in any direction. Designers explain: ‘We came up with a proposal of a new typology of lamp that naturally positions itself in the space – like a plant would do – thanks to the long cables which facilitate the orientation and the height of the light freely.’ The lamp is a looker too. I smell another big hit from the Bouroullec family.