September 6, 2011

This cool invention from Russian door manufacturer Mauer Buro allows you to change glass from opaque to translucent with the flick of a switch. The technology behind it consists of a liquid crystal polymer membrane (activated by remote control) and two outer layers of conventional glazing. As the result we get a surface that can be used as a window, partition or room divider. It lets in light when you need it and becomes an opaque shield when you want some privacy. Clever stuff!

June 24, 2011

This room divider is a collaborative effort of Anne Lorenz and Hanna Emilie Ernsting (who you may remember as the creator of the Moody Couch). The piece, called Parawall, is a modular structure with optional openings that lets you decide how much or how little of the space you want to reveal. Better yet – every opening can be fixed with a storage box, fastened in place with magnets. So, whether you need to divide the room, create a private area in the middle of it, or generate more usable wall space – this piece will get you covered.

May 19, 2011

Vancouver based studio Molo brought their famous Softwall + Softblock modular system to the ICFF. For those who don’t remember, it is an innovative freestanding partition that can be expanded, contracted and shaped however you please. Each building element folds flat thanks to the clever honeycomb structure of the material. Made from polyethylene these partitions can create airy room dividers, with an option of LED lighting inside them. Recently Sortwall + Softblock has been refined by introducing different heights and colors, as well as adding accessories. The connection between the blocks is achieved via concealed magnets for a seamless, continuous wall of any shape and length. Great stuff!

May 13, 2011

This minimalist dresser caught my eye not only because of its simple and aesthetically pleasing form. It opens in both directions, which makes it an ideal room divider for a small space. The Yabane dresser, created by Paris-based design studio A+A Cooren, was revealed during Milan Design Week. An inspiration for the piece came from the traditional ‘Yabané’ Japanese graphic pattern (meaning ‘arrow’ in Japanese). Made from ash wood.

April 29, 2011

Out of many design innovations shown during the Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan, Synapse from LucePlan is my personal favorite! This modular room divider, that also produces ambient light, can be customized to fit any space. ‘The idea of Synapse came from the awareness of a significant change in the way people live today, – says the creator of the product, designer Francisco Gomez Paz, – Homes have become smaller and narrower, and people have decided to pull the walls down to create wider spaces. So, there is a well defined need for the lighter elements that would handle this new way of living.’ The Synapse divider is based on intelligent modules that can produce light, reflect the light, produced by other modules, and also transport electricity when connected to each other. Ingenious! The piece has another hidden function, that was discovered after it was made, – it reflects natural light from your window and turns it into an ambient one. Perfect for cramped spaces with not enough sunlight…

March 16, 2011

SO3 is an efficient and practical DIY shelving system from Zhaolei, designed to fit any space. These wooden shelves can be assembled into any configuration, they are the building blocks with which you can create a bookcase, a decorative shelf, a room divider etc. SO3 arrives to you in a form of a flat and compact package – another sign of a well thought out design.

Source: Yanko Design

January 24, 2011

Shelving is as unavoidable as human need for collecting things. Ordinary shelving, however, is possible to avoid. Consider this piece from Opulent Items and see for yourself. Justly called Contemporary Flexi Shelving, this modular collection can fit any space. The units are sold separately and can be compiled into various configurations. The choice of two sizes allows for an exciting visual variety. Each circle comes with a level base, that stabilizes the items displayed. The piece can be used as a shelving unit, a room divider, or both.

January 7, 2011

Since we are on the subject of letters, here is another typographical treat for you, delivered all the way from Helsinki. This funky bookcase is called AAKKOSET, and is suitable for children of all ages. Created by the young Uganda born designer Lincoln Kayiwa, this piece not only makes a strong visual statement, it also provides a versatile storage for your books, CDs, magazines at cetra. Because the letter openings have different shapes, they make for an interesting and dynamic shelving. The letter-free space in the middle can be used as a bulletin board. Neat freaks, who dislike open storage, can even leave the bookcase empty and use it as a room divider. Made from durable fiberboard, AAKKOSET comes in a variety of colors.