July 18, 2014


Neat freaks – rejoice. This modular furniture system by Ying Chang is made with you in mind. Aptly called Grid, this concept is inspired by the two-dimensional grid used by graphic designers. Here the grid principle translates into a series of transparent mesh components of various sizes that attach to each other, creating unique customizable storage. The same piece can be used as a desk, dining area, kitchen storage and more. The designer explains: “As living spaces get smaller and merge with working spaces, the use of tables, desks and shelving are evolving, yet their basic forms remain largely unchanged.” The main storage components are supplemented by various add-ons – shelves, pockets, boards, even coasters and place mats. Another great customizable idea. Check out the video and more photos after the break.


July 14, 2014


I’ve always had a soft spot for peg boards, their versatility is hard to match. This particular one, designed by Philip Stankard and Jon Alling of Human Crafted, is also a pleasure to look at. Handmade from natural wood, it is as handsome as it is functional.

Designers explain:

“This is our take on the standard peg board that everyone loves to hate in their garage. When combined with another garage favorite, the bungee cord, the utility is taken to another level.”

The piece is perfect for a kitchen, home office, or any other place that requires wall storage. Choose a few accessories to customize your board even further.


June 27, 2014


I am rarely this excited about a product. Fläpps shelving system from Ambivalenz is everything I have ever loved about space-saving furniture. Each module is a stand-alone shelf that can be combined with other Fläpps modules to become a wall shelving system. A unique wall mounting mechanism effortlessly permits up to 5 shelves to be stacked vertically. When unfolded, the Fläpps shelving system offers endless applications in the office, living room, kitchen, dressing room or entrance hall. And if you need to display a tall item or simply don’t need all this surface space (like that’ll ever happen), simply fold the shelves up. The piece comes in black and white and in various sizes.

June 18, 2014


This beautiful minimal design has been envisioned by US based studio Assembly. 10×10 shelves come in pairs and create a variety of arrangements throughout different areas of your home. They can be used together or separately, allowing you to fulfill the storage needs you have. The shelves are made from natural pine. Different wood finishes, as well as custom sizes are available. Sold here.


May 28, 2014


Swedish studio Resize Design created this clever storage system. Frustrated by traditional storage that often leaves unsightly marks on walls, floors and ceilings (terrible for a rental apartment), designers came up with the solution. They attached floating storage modules to a pillar. The pillar achieves its supporting capacity by being extended between the floor and the ceiling. No screws, nails or power tools are needed. And each of these constructions can serve as a room divider. Lovely! Available for purchase here.


May 23, 2014


You may have heard of cool and stylish Sabi pill cases and walking canes. The brand is now exploring the new horizons with their line of bathroom accessories, called Sabi Space. This 13-piece collection of interchangeable pieces revolves around the same peg design, which attaches to the tile via the 3M-like adhesive. Definitely something rental apartment dwellers would appreciate. The pieces twist or click via magnets onto pegs, which makes them easy to install and just as easy to uninstall. So, you are not stuck with the holes in your tiled wall and can change your arrangement if necessary. The Sabi Space line will go on sale in September. Check out the video after the break to see it in action.


May 16, 2014


Copenhagen based designer Cecilie Manz came up with this attractive and functional design. Called Aitio shelves, these storage boxes can be hung on a wall or serve as free standing containers. Perfect for greenery, kitchen accessories, papers, desk paraphernalia, books and just about anything you can think of. There is an option to attach hooks to the edges of the shelves. Aitio are being produced by the Finnish brand Iittala, they come in various sizes.


April 2, 2014


This exciting new shelving system is a creation of the Bangkok based design studio THINKK. They took a simple wooden stackable construction and jazzed it up with corrugated metal sheets. These metal elements can be inserted into wooden surfaces via special slits. They can serve as screens, dividers, even additional horizontal shelves, making this modular system very efficient. The modules are available in natural oak or in a variety of colored stains. The perforated sheets come in several colors, allowing you to contrast or compliment any of the wooden bases. Clever.


March 19, 2014


Taula is a perforated multifunctional table, created by Spanish studio Adretcient. The bottom layer of the tabletop has holes for planters. And the top layer consists of removable panels, so you can control the planter-work surface ratio. You can also add various elements to the tabletop in order to adapt it to different situations. Taula is made of birch and can serve as a desk or a dining table.

Photography by Guifré de Peray


March 11, 2014


Many would agree that the ideal sofa is the one you don’t want to leave. Milan based designer Burak Kocak expanded this idea and created a sofa you don’t need to leave. This modular piece, called Herb, is a clever conglomerate of different components. Each arm is replaced by something useful – storage, adjustable lighting, electrical sources, even planters. You can create a combination that fits your own unique couch-potatoing style.