October 22, 2014


The Indoor Stoop by Thing Industries encompasses everything I love about good design. It is compact, well thought-out, aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional. Featuring three soft-close drawers with peg board surface, the Indoor Stoop works well in any area of your apartment for storage of clothes, books, stationary, papers, kitchen supplies, or just about anything. It can also be used as a step ladder for reaching things, a display area for showing things, or as extra seating. And it’s made in Brooklyn. Sweet.

(via minimalissimo)


December 20, 2013

This delightful collection of flat pack pieces, called Muzzle, has been created by Lisbon based designer Miguel Lopes in collaboration with the studio Paratelier. Thanks to the slot-in assembly principle, each piece is very easy to put together and take apart. The design objective was to create a line that “with an industrial character, flexible and dynamic, an interaction that would be intuitive and playful.” The result is a beautiful collection of puzzle-like pieces, colorful, fun and 100% recyclable. Available for purchase here.


July 9, 2012

Higher Ground is a name of the cool multifunctional bookcase by Karen King. A rather traditional piece at first glance, it has a hidden convenience – a pull-out ladder. The bookcase is tall enough to make the top shelf a stretch, so the ladder features just three steps – all that is needed to reach it. While closed, the ladder sits flush and rungs align seamlessly with the lower shelves. The handholds and custom sliding brackets make the ladder easy to open and close, while felt under the feet protects your floor. What a clever idea!


May 14, 2012

This has happened again – I’ve fallen in love with an item. This time it’s the Corner Ladder by Company & Company Design Studio. The genius behind this thing is in its simple and precise folding, allowing the ladder to collapse into a thin pole. Space-saving points fly here. “A ladder is a domestic standard tool that is rarely used,” – designers elaborate, – “The idea was to be able to fit it in any corner, so as to simplify and increase its use and basic operation.” Beautiful thinking, masterful execution, a must for any small home.