July 19, 2013


This low key multifunctional piece has been created by Norwegian design duo Ane Domaas and Kathrine Høgh of Domaas/Høgh. The Blu glass flips over to reveal an indentation for placing a candle. Simple and clever. Designers explain: “In the current society where we live in smaller living space it is necessary with products that have multiple functions.” Blu comes in several sizes. The bigger volumes can serve as vases. Available colors are gray, blue, white and transparent.


April 1, 2013


This Mondrian inspired vase by Danish designer Frank Kerdil is a real gem for artsy people living in small quarters. Aside from being high on visual impact, the piece breaks down into three individual parts. These containers can be conveniently grouped in different ways to suit your setting or tastes, or to accommodate differently sized flower arrangements. You can also use them separately. Brilliant! The vase is made of acrylic, which makes it a lightweight durable accessory. Available for purchase here


March 5, 2012

I believe in the virtue of flatpack design. And these beautiful plywood accessories have made me very happy. Japanese company Flat Packables specializes on practical and simple objects that can bring some eye-candy to our homes without bring any clutter. Here is how Yu Ito, the designer behind  the brand, describes his vision: “As laser-cutting technology became increasingly accessible, I started to see a lot of poorly designed laser-cut products. That inspired me to introduce unique designs that are original in not only appearance but in how they interlock together.” Each piece is laser-cut from plywood, hand-sanded and finished with beeswax. Beautifully packaged too. Flat Packables products are available on Etsy.