February 3, 2016


The humor behind this light made me look. The Dear Head sconce, created by Chen Bikovski of Popup Lighting, was envisioned as both a lighting fixture and a piece of wall art. The origami-like deer head truly comes to life when the light is turned on. The etherial antlers are reflected on the wall. The piece comes in cardboard or aluminum and a variety of colors. Available for purchase here.


March 18, 2015


The Poster lamp from the Japanese studio YOY is an example of minimalism at its finest. The lamp is comprised of a small LED and a single sheet of paper, curved in a shape of a lampshade. The LED peeks through the curve and illuminates the wall around it. You can easily mount the Poster lamp with pins or tape, like you would a piece of paper. You can even decorate it with various printed designs. But I like it most in pure white. Just a simple, beautiful object, seamlessly melting into its function.


November 8, 2013


Here is a nice concept for those of us who live in rental buildings and can’t be very creative with electrics. The Loop Lamp, envisioned by Romanian designer Pani Jurek, can be attached to any available outlet and brought over any, even distant, surface. The 23′ cord will allow you to hang the lamp under the ceiling or as a sconce fixture on the wall. You can also move with the light to another room. What a lovely idea! The cord is available in black and yellow, the bulb socket comes in black, white, raspberry red and denim blue.


June 5, 2013


Sticky Lamp by Rotterdam based designer Chris Kabel of Droog Design is an ingenious way to instantly add illumination to any spot in your home. The piece works like a sticker. Simply peel off the protecting foil on the back and stick it wherever you need it. Any surface will do. The lamp can be placed on the ceiling, wall, door, on the floor, in the closet, or on the window — there are no borders for imagination. Available for purchase here.

 (via bookofjoe)