February 3, 2016


The humor behind this light made me look. The Dear Head sconce, created by Chen Bikovski of Popup Lighting, was envisioned as both a lighting fixture and a piece of wall art. The origami-like deer head truly comes to life when the light is turned on. The etherial antlers are reflected on the wall. The piece comes in cardboard or aluminum and a variety of colors. Available for purchase here.


June 14, 2013


These flat chairs, called Canvas, are the latest creation of Japanese studio YOY. The humor and versatility of this design makes it a winner in any space, big and small. Shoebox apartment dwellers, however, will appreciate the space-saving element of this cool item that doubles as artwork. Hang it on the wall for display or lean it against the wall for extra seating – how cool is that! The frame, made of wood and aluminum, is covered by an elastic fabric, printed to resemble a canvas texture with a drawing of a chair. The piece comes in three varieties – chair, armchair and sofa.