January 2, 2011

Its name is Mons. It was created by the Spanish designer Romualdo Faura as an alternative sink for kids. Aside from its cool design, the piece boasts many child friendly features. The shape of the sink is ergonomically correct and allows a child to reach water and the soap dispenser more easily. The base is enclosed to prevent splashes; the absence of sharp edges makes Mons safe; motion sensors control (and therefore save) water. The piece is made out of Duralmond (biodegradable and recyclable crushed almond husks), an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Duralmond also allows for any color. Hence, Mons can be tailored to your child’s taste, no matter how capricious. And who knows, maybe it fulfills the ultimate task and makes washing hands fun.


Olga on 01/02/11

That ‘s a really cool idea, especially for kids who think that brushing teeth in the morning is a waste of time.

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