May 23, 2014


You may have heard of cool and stylish Sabi pill cases and walking canes. The brand is now exploring the new horizons with their line of bathroom accessories, called Sabi Space. This 13-piece collection of interchangeable pieces revolves around the same peg design, which attaches to the tile via the 3M-like adhesive. Definitely something rental apartment dwellers would appreciate. The pieces twist or click via magnets onto pegs, which makes them easy to install and just as easy to uninstall. So, you are not stuck with the holes in your tiled wall and can change your arrangement if necessary. The Sabi Space line will go on sale in September. Check out the video after the break to see it in action.


September 23, 2013


This sink has been designed by Monica Graffeo for Italian brand Rexa, and it’s a beauty. The ample storage the piece contains does not take away from the elegance of the form. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic, the piece looks minimalist and simple. I quite like the fact that the shelving and the base-basket look as if they were one continuous unit.

(via kb culture)


November 12, 2012

Rudolf bathroom cabinet by Ariane März is a beautiful space-saving piece. It is comprised of a simple frame, hidden behind a mirror, and five storage boxes of different size. The boxes can be attached to the frame in a variety of ways, creating different configurations. I especially love the combination of open and closed storage, where all intimate items can be placed behind the mirror. Thanks to its flexible design, the Rudolf cabinet can accommodate items of any size. Two towel rails complete the piece.

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April 18, 2012

Othello is a modular bathroom cabinet, designed by famous Japanese studio Nendo for Italian brand Boffi. Minimalist and functional, the piece is a perfect remedy for bathroom clutter. The unit is fully customizable and can be arranged into many configurations. The modules come as open or closed cabinets with plain or mirrored doors. These doors, in fact, are the most notable feature of Othello – they rotate 180°, closing and opening the next unit. The hardware is integrated in the cabinet and completely out of sight. The matte white, varnished metal handle can be fixed to the door magnetically, if you so choose. Every detail of this piece is carefully thought out and simplified to perfection, which made for a timeless understated design.

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November 9, 2011

Here is a nifty little thing from London-based design-duo Doshi LevienKali mirror cabinet. The piece features glass cantilevered shelves that can slide through the side walls and give you the choice – which bits to display and which to conceal. This clever solution also maximizes your storage and allows to fit items of many different sizes inside the cabinet. Another great detail is that you can rotate the piece 180 degrees and choose between right and left hand door openings, which also allows for double cabinets to be installed. The door consists of double-sided mirror glass and a grip of white, high gloss ASA-plastic.

August 26, 2011

Garbage disposal is an unglamorous thing, but unless it is properly organized – nothing glamorous is ever possible. And this minimalist trashcan by Hommin makes good organizational sense. Unlike the Cuum piece, I featured yesterday, the Clip trashcan is very low-tech. It consists of two interlocking wooden frames, merged with clothespins on their ends. The object is compatible with all types of  bags. You can use plastic ones for kitchen waste, and more elegant textile ones for paper. The Clip trashcan can also be used as a hamper. Smart stuff!

June 24, 2011

When it comes to bathroom storage we, small space inhabitants, are not spoiled with the abundance of choice. Which is why this collection from Royo Group is so exciting. The Keops Evolution series feature functional drawers and shelves around the bathtub itself. This elegant solution allows for much needed product/towel storage while taking virtually no extra space. It also provides for easy access to your beauty spoils. Thoughtful… The bathtub finishes are available in white acrylic and walnut and the furniture part can be chosen to be white or black.

January 2, 2011

Its name is Mons. It was created by the Spanish designer Romualdo Faura as an alternative sink for kids. Aside from its cool design, the piece boasts many child friendly features. The shape of the sink is ergonomically correct and allows a child to reach water and the soap dispenser more easily. The base is enclosed to prevent splashes; the absence of sharp edges makes Mons safe; motion sensors control (and therefore save) water. The piece is made out of Duralmond (biodegradable and recyclable crushed almond husks), an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Duralmond also allows for any color. Hence, Mons can be tailored to your child’s taste, no matter how capricious. And who knows, maybe it fulfills the ultimate task and makes washing hands fun.