February 16, 2011

This piece is a combination of raw function and illusion, created by the Lisbon-based designer Fernando Brízio for Droog. From a certain angle it looks like a real side table with an open drawer, but, as the product name suggests, What You See Is Not. In reality only the drawer is three-dimensional, the rest of the piece is a sticker on a wall. Here is how Brizio describes this concept: ‘The illusion in this piece creates a situation where you observe the object’s form and deform, depending on your position in space. I am interested in this type of interaction between the object and the viewer—what you see is a result of who you are, how you think and how you are mentally and physically constituted.’ The What You See Is Not side table also allows to save on materials. So, it only tricks the eye, not the environment…

Elise on 02/17/11

I really would consider buying this product for a future flat, but where would I buy it. The Droog website didn’t seem to feature it anymore and the designer’s website is under construction. Suggestions?

repka on 02/17/11

If you don’t mind pricey shipping from Europe – here is one online store, carrying the item – http://bit.ly/giN7dw

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