March 31, 2011

This anti-consumerist idea of a mobil room belongs to German design studio Caluso Concept. As a response to the increased flexibility and mobility of today’s life, designers Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser combined all furniture essentials in one compact box, which can be easily moved. ‘We take on obligations and responsibilities and obtain house goods far beyond what we really need. When it comes time to move we are aware of the burden of our increasing accumulations. We must overcome our fundamental ideas of consuming so that we can move and change,’ – they say on their website. So, if you frequently move houses (and can stop yourself from acquiring things) – this mobil solution is for you. Check the video below to see the demonstration.

Source: The Designer Pad

Becca on 07/14/12

all i can say is, damn them german people, so frigging creative! fab concept!

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