April 26, 2011

The truth about books is that they are rarely stay neatly displayed on the shelf. Rather they pile up right around the reading spot. So, if you read on your sofa – why not store your books there as well? This is the idea behind the Calypso Chair from Brandon Allen. The piece is generously equipped with storage spaces and transforming parts. You can slide your books and magazines under the seat, you can pull out the shelves for your cuppa, you can flip the shelves and use them for your laptop or writing pad, you can rotate the sitting parts, or you can remove the sitting altogether and transform the sofa into a coffe table. With all these options the Calypso Chair might be the only piece of furniture your living room will ever need.

Dufflecoats on 11/16/11

I really like the design of the sofa. I think that its very stylish and comfortable. I should have one of that sofa at home.

Sofamart on 12/06/11

It amazing design I never see before I love it.

Becca on 07/14/12

love it.would definitely have one

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