May 9, 2011

Here is another bookcase to love – the Stacked Shelving System, designed by JDS Architects for Muuto. This modular system lets you to create multiple configurations. The units come in three sizes (and give you five shapes, depending on how you position the rectangles), so you can accomodate books of any size and build the bookcase of your desired proportions. The negative space between the boxes can be used to create even more unique shapes. Clever!.. The pieces are held together by the colorful steel clips. Each box comes with an optional wall mount. You can purchase the Stacked Shelving System at DWR.

Penia on 10/25/11

Maybe you should note that there is a very similar shelf system (to say the least) which was designed 10 years ago and is still in production:

The copyright for the original system has expired after 10 years and soon after that date this ‘innovative’ design appeared. The pictures speak for themselves.

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