June 14, 2011

Eco designer Petz Scholtus recently celebrated the completion of her most personal project. She adapted her own apartment in Barcelona to a green lifestyle. The place, located in the historic Barri Gòtic area, is on the smallish side – only 58 square meters (624 square feet). It was in the desperate need of a major gut reno when Petz bought it in 2006. In order to make the apartment livable and green (and to save some green too), she implemented the five Rs of eco design: Reuse | Reduce | Recycle | Restore | Respect. The result is a hip and responsible eco pad, full of innovative solutions and fun details. Do watch the video of the apartment tour, revealing lots of great space-saving ideas. Also, check out Petz’s blog to see all stages of the process and many useful resources.

Photos by Stefano Buonamici

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