July 8, 2011

The Piano hanger, designed by Patrick Seha for the Belgian company Feld, is completely flat when not in use. When you need to hang something – you can unfold numerous wardrobe hooks on the different levels of the panel (so, the piece is child-friendly as well). The fold mechanism functions according to a simple principle – when one side is pressed down, the other one moves upwards. Just like a piano…

Inga on 07/11/11

Neat, space saving and well-thought design. I’d love to have it. Excellent pick!

isil on 07/12/11

Any idea where one could buy this (and how much) in New York?

Natalia on 07/12/11

Sorry Isil. Saw it priced around € 1,200 in Europe. If you find it in NY – email me, please!

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