July 15, 2011

Even in the absence of space and green thumb, there is still hope for growing an urban herb garden. This planter, created by two Dutch designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders is completely fool-proof. It can be attached right to the window via suction cups. The pots are transparent to allow maximum sunlight. What a clever idea!

Yolanda D on 07/15/11

Are these available online somewhere? They are too cool!

Natalia on 07/15/11

I’m afraid the project is still on a concept stage, Yolanda. But I’ll be on a lookout for these pots and update when they become available.

Katie on 07/27/11

It looks like they even allow for water to drain! I would buy…

Daniela on 03/31/12

Hmmmm As far as I know roots should not receive light. I would buy though to paint and use as bookends without the suction cups.

Crystal NeVillle on 04/14/13

Are these available yet? I have a large pane next to my back door in my kitchen that I really believe this would be awesome in.

Sheila on 04/29/13

Let me know when these are available.

Sheila on 04/29/13

Put the wrong email address.
Please let me know when these are available. Thanks

maria ines on 02/27/14

I would love to sell them. Please notify me when they are avilable

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