August 17, 2011

If you cook in a tiny kitchen – you know too well that an open oven door makes the place non-navigable. It is also unkind to a human body. But what choice do we have other than performing our daily acrobatic etudes with hot dishes, and getting on with our lives… Well, this clever invention from Neff puts the end to this nonsense. A slide-away door, fitted on the new models, is a godsend for small spaces.¬†By sliding neatly under the oven as you fully open the door, it provides easy access to the appliance. And if you look closer, you will notice that the handle rotates¬†towards you in a smooth, circular motion. And once the door is fully open, it stays visible and easily accessible at the top of the door. Smart stuff!

(HT KBculture)

Sylvia Reeve on 10/10/11

I recently saw the fold away oven door on the Britains Best Cook series. I am severely disabled and cannot manage to lift things in and out of the oven. I have a Creda double oven cooker with drop down doors but find it very difficult, especially as it in a confined space.grilling with the top oven door needing to be paetially open is a hazzard for us. Do you do a double oven version and if so at what cost. As I am 70yrs old and my husband is 80, we are not in a position to invest too much at this stage in our lives. However I think the product is a marvellous addition in the area of elderly and disabled people.

I would appreciate you comments.

Sylvia Reeve

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