August 22, 2011

This sleek and concise piece is a combined effort of designers Bastian Diephaus and Ismail Özalbayrak of Studio Unieke. The minimalist wall desk, called S01, can serve as a practical storage unit when closed. When opened, it creates a comfortable workspace for one person. It even features a built-in power-strip for your cables – a nice touch for such a compact item. The So1 wall desk is made from powder coated steel and coated multiplex.

(HT Carl MH Barenbrug)

Greg on 12/31/12

What are the dimensions? How can I buy one?

Erin on 06/15/13

Where can I acquire one of the fold up wall desks?

Val on 05/03/17

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this desk for our office. Can you please contact me as soon as you’re able.

Thank you,


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