February 1, 2012

Some may say that the owners of this tiny home, Diana and Michael Lorence, live spartan life. The 12-foot-square dwelling, located in the coastal mountains of Northern California, doesn’t have electricity or hot water. The only heat comes from a fireplace, which also serves as a stovetop for cooking and making tea. The Lorences argue that they lead a ‘life of luxury.’ It all depends, of course, on where we think luxury really lies. If your most treasured things in life are simplicity, peace, unobstructed conversation and the ability to contemplate, this place is luxurious indeed. For 30 years the couple lived in small homes, often guest homes. So, when they finally settled here, they knew exactly what was essential and brought only that.

Diana Lorence explains: ‘Conceived as a retreat for searching, confidential conversation, the house was born of the marriage of my husband’s passion for completeness, and my passion for emptiness. Everything in the house is here because of my husband — and everything not here is not here because of me. Innermost House to me means simplicity and happiness and freedom for real conversation.’

See also the beautifully meditative house tour, shot by Fair Companies.

Holly on 02/01/12

Perfect. I would love to be as grounded as this lovely woman!

Diane on 02/01/12

Beautiful. But much larger than the 12 square feet you specify. Did you mean 12 foot by 12 foot?

Natalia on 02/01/12

I believe you’re right, Diane. It’s 12 foot by 12 foot. Thanks for pointing out.

Sarandella on 06/06/12

I love small, well designed spaces!

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