February 20, 2012

This multifuncional minimalist piece, aptly called Within, has been created by a young Swedish designer and founder of Studio Vision, Mattias Stenberg. This unadorned white box, which can serve as a seat or a side table, comes apart to reveal sculturesque structure inside. What a beautiful way to double the seating!.. Designer elaborates: “‘Within’ is a two piece side table/seat. The pieces fit together completely and when closed that create the shape of a simple white box. As you gradually open the pieces you reveal the organically shaped ash structure. I have strived to create a very “engineered” or constructed look of the ash structure by using few straight lines and arranging the grain direction of the wood to increase the perception of depth.’ The piece has been recently presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012.

brigitta on 02/21/12

Just wanted to say, I think I’ve pinned almost every one of your posts for the last few weeks. Awesome design taste keep up the good work.

Natalia on 02/21/12

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Brigitta! Delighted to know you’re enjoying SD.

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