February 10, 2015


This idea reminds me of Lumio, the book light I featured some time ago. Here too, we have a book shape, transformed into an interior object. Bookniture can be used as a coffee table, nightstand, stool, footrest, and more. Folded, it fits neatly on a bookshelf, taking virtually no space at all. A great concept! And a thoughtful gift too. Currently kickstarting.


May 21, 2014


Zoo is a clever multifunctional object created by Madrid based studio MAYICE. The piece can be used as a stool, coffee table, magazine rack, modular shelving system or a multicolored bench. Lightweight and easily stackable, each of these elements can keep a balance without the need of screws or additional substructures. The collection is made of pinewood coming from sustainable managed forests. Zoo comes in green, orange, white and red.

(via contemporist)


January 3, 2014

LoicBard_tabouret Andy_AlexéndreGergely_04

If you like to read at the dinner table (I do!) – you will love this little stool from Montreal based designer Loïc Bard. Slick and minimal, the piece features a discreet storage compartment, suitable for a mag, a newspaper or various kindles and pads. Lovely. Made from maple. Available for purchase through designer’s website.


December 20, 2013

This delightful collection of flat pack pieces, called Muzzle, has been created by Lisbon based designer Miguel Lopes in collaboration with the studio Paratelier. Thanks to the slot-in assembly principle, each piece is very easy to put together and take apart. The design objective was to create a line that “with an industrial character, flexible and dynamic, an interaction that would be intuitive and playful.” The result is a beautiful collection of puzzle-like pieces, colorful, fun and 100% recyclable. Available for purchase here.


October 22, 2013


Sgabo is a collapsible piece created by Italian designer Alessandro Di Prisco. This stool is both attractive and functional, and it’s ability to fold flat makes it a solid contender for a small urban apartment. It can provide an extra seating or serve as an impromptu side table. The folding is done with a single fluid motion. The seat features ergonomic holes for your fingers (nice!). Sgabo is available in four colors – white, yellow, light green, and light blue.


July 5, 2013


Poke stool is a furniture debut of typography designer Kyuhyung Cho. The idea was to create a grownup piece with a childish charm and playfulness. The combination of four round legs and eight holes in each seat creates a stackable stool with a graphical approach. The added twist creates a rhythm as the stack grows higher. The combination of different colors allows to built an individual structure, almost scupturesque in its geometric beauty. The Poke stool is made of natural Finnish birch and oak.


April 24, 2013


Modest Stool by French designer Paul Menand is a clever nesting design that follows the same principle as the one we saw in Menand’s Tripplette Chair, featured in one of my previous posts. Again, the piece can be used as a single stacked item or taken apart and function as three individual ones. The bottom and middle stools feature slots that allow to fit the components into each other. And the half pipe legs make the stacking process seamless. Watch the video after the break to see Modest Stool in action.


January 10, 2013


Just wishlisted this beautiful Harry stool from Stockholm based brand Massproductions. Inspired by traditional Japanese joinery techniques and Torii shrine gates, Harry is a stunner. Harmonious shapes and fine craftsmanship combine to make a charming piece suitable for many situations. You can use it as a side table, bed table, extra seating and more. Harry is available in two heights and five finishes.


December 7, 2012

Cube 6 is a brilliant invention of designer Naho Matsuno. It allows us to solve the most common small space related problem – guest seating. This compact item, which in its folded state can serve as a stool or a side-table, unravels to reveal six stools. A perfect solution for a party situation! Made from birch plywood and maple, Cube 6 is minimal and sleek. And once you’ve mastered the puzzle, it should be effortless to put together.  (more…)

August 24, 2012

Netherlands based designer Ruben der Kinderen is the creative force behind this beautiful collection. Inspired by bushcraft (survival) techniques, these objects are assembled without screws or glue, but purely by using the forces of nature.

“I’m fascinated by survival and the things you can use in nature to make your stay comfortable,” – says Ruben. – “I went for 2 weeks to Sweden (into the wild-style) with a tent some food and my knife. By using different bushcraft techniques, to make my stay comfortable, i came to the conclusion that nothing in our own home interior has to by screwed or glued. Just by designing and making clever solutions everything can be of wood and rope.”

The system is modular. The tops of the tables are interchangeable, which provides for great flexibility. The simple and clever tripod construction is at the core of this project. At the bottom of the tabletop there is a chamber where the legs fit in. If there is a force on the tabletop the legs will spread, but as far as the walls of the chamber. Thus, the piece stays bendable and stable at the same time. A bright and elegant idea…