March 23, 2012

As the days get warmer, many of us, urban folks, exhibit renewed faith in indoor gardening. I certainly do. And as I was searching for small space friendly options, I have found this brilliant thing – Woolly Pockets. These modular gardening containers are handmade in the USA from an industrial felt made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. This material makes the pockets breathable, allowing soil to refresh its oxygen supply. The indoor/outdoor version is lined with a moisture barrier to protect wall finishes. And being a modular system, you can not only grow your plants but you can grow the plant wall itself by simply adding on more pockets at the sides or top and bottom. Vertically, without cluttering any precious surfaces. When empty, Woolly Pockets fold flat for easy storage. Available at Module R.

Judy, Judy, Judy on 03/23/12

These are totally awesome. My gdaughter thinks they’d be perfect for growing spices.

Natalia on 03/23/12

That’s what I was thinking too – an herb garden.

Jesse Elwert on 03/23/12

What a great idea! Thank you for the post. I love the versatility of the medium and I love how it’s repurposing plastic waste.
I’d add as another possible suggestion that if the wooly pockets are being used outside, they can be lined at the bottom with unfinished compost instead of the plastic reservoir. This would slow drainage down and retain moisture, but not actually cause rot in the plants.

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