March 26, 2012

This clever piece by much acclaimed Japanese designer Naoki Hirakoso has been recently revealed at the Tokyo Designers Week. The Yata Stool, a seemingly simple three-legged item, can do so much more than providing a place to sit. Thanks to the special grooves on the bottom of each leg, Yata can be stacked to create sturdy and elegant storage. It can also be arranged into a bench or a coffee table. And thanks to its star-like shape the stool fits into any corner beautifully. You can also stack these stools by crisscrossing and store them away without using too much space.

Pierre Vallee on 06/17/12

that is a great looking stool with great lines. I would like to try my hand at making one; any plans available. I could try my own dimensions I guess. That is very smart and clever

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