December 10, 2013


Now this is just delightful – a coffee table that transforms into a dining one with two swift movements. MK1 by British studio Duffy London is more than meets the eye. It is multi-functional and perfect for small spaces, as it miraculously converts from one mode to another, adapting to changing social settings. The piece is made from solid oak, ash or walnut and high grade birch plywood from sustainable sources. It can be produced in a number of finishes. Watch the video after the break to see how easy it is to operate.


November 7, 2013


Good News is a small table created Norwegian designer Karl Marius Sveen for the furniture brand Mokasser. This simple and elegant piece holds your magazines and newspapers without cluttering the surface. The table is made of oak wood veneer and comes in three finishes: white, black and natural. A nice idea for a coffee or side table, especially when the space is tight.


August 14, 2013


Some people love cars, some – shoes, I every now and again fall in love with a piece of furniture. Behold my latest object of infatuation – the Clip table by Polish designer Jan Kochanski. Minimalist, multifunctional, and folds flat for storage… Aesthetics wise – definitely a looker. Designer says that the steel frame has been inspired by paperclips (hence the name). And the oak tabletop can serve as a tray, when detached from the base. Beautiful.


April 4, 2013

The D*Table, by The D*Haus Company, is a concept I’m really hoping to see produced. Composed of four components, the piece can be arranged into eight different shapes, allowing you to customize it according to your needs and space requirements. The parts are connected to each other via removable hinges, so you can take the table apart just as well. There are various storage compartments you can find in each segment – drawers, shelves, slots for books and magazines, even a hole for a plant. Nothing seems to be overlooked here. D*House had taken the idea for the table from the works of mathematician Henry Ernest Dudeney, who discovered that we can turn a perfect square into an equilateral triangle (and many other shapes in between), by segmenting it into four pieces. Designers are now trying to apply this same principle to architecture. Check out their Kickstarter campaign to read more about the project and to reserve a table of your own.

(via design-milk)


March 6, 2013


This beautifully made coffee table has been created by Australian designer David Cummins. The piece is inspired by mid-20th century modernist aesthetic, which is a bit of a fetish of mine. I also like the small size of the table – only about 47 inches long and 16 inches wide. But in spite of its modest proportions the piece boasts ample storage, thanks to two generous drawers. A perfect little piece, that can lend an air of class to any dwelling. Bridge coffee table is handcrafted from solid Tesmanian Blackwood and finished with natural oil and wax.


January 22, 2013


This table/day bed by UK based brand Another Country is a sure contender for a small urban apartment. A beautiful and versatile piece of furniture can be transformed from one state to another in seconds. The base is solid FSC oak and employs a screw leg system. The mattress has an organic latex core wrapped in organic coir and wool.  It comes upholstered in a Bute fabric from Scotland with a six-button detail and piped edges. So no matter how you use the piece, as a table or a bed, it looks stylish and well-malde.


January 3, 2013


LLSTOL, a heart-warming furniture success story, was born as an experiment in ergonomics in a small workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After several prototypes the two L-shaped objects were created. These two L-s have become perfect components for making up chairs, benches, coffee tables, shelving units and much more. The versatile concept was then successfully Kickstarted and produced by a local chair factory called STOL & STOL (hence the name). Now LLSTOL is available for purchase. Great, isn’t it? Check out the video after the break to see the product in action.


November 9, 2012

Pet furniture is luxury in a small space – it takes our valuable real estate while being often underused or even ignored by the intended user(s). That’s why I’m always grateful when I see the effort to incorporate pet lounging areas into the pieces we, human beings, can also use. The Hammock coffee table, created by Japanese designer Koichi Futatsumata for E&Y, is a great example of such synergy. Made out of glass and stainless steel, the piece is elegant and contemporary. And the rattan hammock cat bed feature is unobtrusive and beautiful. If your cat adopts it – wonderful! If not – you can still use the coffee table and simply treat the hammock as additional storage.

(via inthralld)


October 2, 2012

Without any reservations – this must be the most innovative hybrid I’ve seen so far. The Random coffee/dining table by Germany based designer Philipp Grundhoefer is converted into either state by pivoting the legs (see the photos after the break). The simple L shape allows for both lengths to be seamlessly interchangeable. Once the legs are pivoted – the table top can be turned upside down, the leg lock into the slots and voilà - the new function is achieved. How simple and clever! The tabletop consists of alternating layers of oak and MDF, the legs are made of oak.


September 20, 2012

If you are an avid reader – you know how easy it is to turn your bedside area into a “librarint”. This minimalist and clever bedside table by Polish designer Pawel Grobelny, called Bookmark, is there to prevent the book clutter from growing, and it also allows you to keep track of your reading progress. The piece is a hybrid of a table, miniature bookcase and a bookmark. The internal storage area has two separate spaces – one for regular-sized books and one for magazines. An edge of the table works as a bookmark. The item can be used as a bedside or coffee table. It is made of powder coated steel and comes in three colors – white, black and yellow.