April 23, 2012

Good Erdle was launched in 2012 by Andrew and Richard Erdle, father and son design duo. Their first product is a real eye candy for any urban gardener. The series of modular stoneware clay planters can fit beautifully in small apartments. Place them separately around the room or gather them into various shapes, depending on your counter space situation. There are no drainage holes in the legs, so you never have to worry about water leaking out. You can fill those with sand, stones or charcoal to absorb water. The legs also allow you to run cables and cords underneath – perfect for desks and kitchen counters. Cood Erdle planter collection is on sale at Fab for the next two days.

(images curtesy homestilo)


Amy on 04/25/12

wow this is so cute.

Sarandella on 06/06/12

I really want these!

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