May 2, 2012

Paul and Paula tables were created by German designer Matthias Ferwagner for Nils Holger Moorman. Both tables feature reversible tabletops (you can choose between black and gray), made from untreated ash and covered with anti-slip linoleum layer. The airiness of the design comes from the stainless steel legs and the red synthetic fibre strings, connecting them visually. The tables, purposely designed in two different sizes, create a functional and striking combination. “Paul and Paula – they feel most comfortable as a couple and really shouldn’t be separated, so have a heart and take both of them home. Paul in meticulous black beside Paula in grey, casual and laid-back. Or Paula in black, half-shaded by her big brother – they always make a good impression with their reversible tabletops. Even alone they can effortlessly tempt you with their friendly nature and nonchalant cable design.” – says the designer.

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