May 7, 2012

Gotta love Resource Furniture, they really understand how to do space-saving in style. One of the latest items they’ve introduced has immediately caught my eye. DOC sofa by Bonbon is a clever transformer, capable of serving as a fully functional bunk bed. Perfect for a living room or a home office, the item can turn any space into a spear bedroom for two. The transformation is simple, requires zero muscle and fuss. Watch the video to see the DOC bed in action.

(via enpundit)

Daniela on 05/07/12

Oh my God, this is great.

Sarandella on 06/06/12

I’m in awe!

Becca on 07/14/12

omg…I actually love love love this…been searching the web for different companies that manufacture this, Im very interested in the pricing.

Sabbath on 09/30/12

I want to know where I can get one! If you know, please tell me!

Chris Davies on 09/01/15

Where can I get a bunk bed sofa and how much please

Anupama Bose on 05/14/16

Hi ! would like to buy this piece for our home in Mumbai, India. Request you to please mail us a quote and the logistics involved. Thanks and warm regards

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