July 17, 2012

This customizable sofa from Drawer made me look. A seemingly straightforward piece contains clever transforming mechanism that allows the two seats rotate and change configuration of the sofa. Depending on your seating needs, you can turn it into two lounging chairs and reveal a built-in coffee table. You can recline each seat to create a settee. You can even unfold the seats completely and turn the sofa into a comfortable bed for two people. The piece comes in low-key easy to clean fabric and offers three neutral color choices.

maggie on 07/18/12

It’s marvellous, i want one! unfortunately Drawer does not ship beyond French boarders :-(

Marla on 07/19/12

This is available in the us for less than 1000 bucks. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw it last. Keep searching though, it is out there.

Marla on 07/19/12

Found it on interiors express dot com. Baxton studios is the manufacturer, $800!

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