August 23, 2013


Designers Mateusz Mastalski + Ole Robin Storjohann came up with this bold urban idea, proposed to windows manufacturer Fakro. The project, titled “Live Between Buildings!” is part of Farko’s New Vision of Loft 2 Competition. The proposal shows an array of infills between buildings that consist almost entirely of Fakro window technology. It allows to use already existing blind walls of the city. What a fun and sustainable idea.


sjboycee on 10/29/13

i am fascinated by all the leftover spaces in our cities, including those between walls and the idea of turning them into habitable spaces.. love it!!

Michael Pollock on 01/22/14

This is absolutely incredible! I would never have thought of this before, but using the empty space between buildings is a fantastic way to ensure that nothing is being wasted. The idea of having to climb between the various levels of your home also means that you’d get plenty of exercise!

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