August 30, 2013


The Living Cube by German designer Till Koenneker is a clever structure, combining all those elements we usually struggle to find space for in a tiny apartment. It houses a walk-in closet, ample media storage, and serves as a loft bed. Here is how designer describes it: “I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So I made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, clothes and shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space.” The carpentry work was done by Remo Zimmerli of Holzlabor.

Photography by Rob Lewis










Wow. What an amazing solution for a small space with little solution. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

Lady Fuschia on 08/31/13

Very nice! I can think of a zillion uses and alterations! I think I would go with a lighter wood – maple maybe?? Great job!!

dennis on 09/02/13

great i was a carpenter all my life i sure missed out on a lot of things i would have loved to have worked on

CJ on 09/03/13

I was thinking ” oh, yeah, pretty nice” in a blasé kind of way, until I saw the guy walking right inside it! That is incredibly cool!

Terri on 09/03/13


eric on 09/03/13

A lot of this looks as if it could be in the book “Cairo” by Calvin Ellis. Specifically, the secret room under the bed.

Who knows what could be hidden away in there?

Steve Chilton on 09/03/13

Just brilliant just like indoor shed, fantastic idea

Bryant on 09/06/13

What a great idea!
You’ve got my creative juices flowing. Thank You!

MszMax on 09/06/13

Great idea, I absolutely love it ..!

Joanne on 09/06/13

Where can I buy one of these things!

Danny mclean62 on 09/07/13


Cooper on 09/07/13

Great design if you live in a place with a higher than average ceiling, yes?

Katt Lewis on 09/08/13

Fantastic Idea!

George on 09/09/13

Something looks bogus about the dimensions, The end view indicates the clothes hanging space is only the width of the ladder (12inches may-be) yet clothes don.t seem to be sticking out. The side view appears to show clothes on hangers, and not sticking out very much.

Deb on 09/09/13

It has many possibilities. A great idea for someone who is young and can climb up and down a ladder. One thing I would want to change is, put a door where the clothes are, and build in a couple of drawers. Maybe even use the hidden storage as a closet instead of out in the front.

Ibbo on 09/09/13

Man, I love it and want one, I would love to be able to live out of that, got a garage full of s@#t i need to get rid of though! 🙂

claire on 09/10/13

as an interior decorator, this has to be one of the coolest , minimalistic necessity for the modern man to be mobile.

Richard on 09/11/13

Wonderful… if you have 12 foot high ceiling

linda on 09/11/13

George, the clothes are on hooks not hangers. Looks great.

sy on 09/12/13

Why does this guy still play records? Have so many shoes? Have so many jackets? Should show pictures of him coming out of the hidden closet instead of going in. Interesting Idea, but I hate this one.

Sue on 09/12/13

Clothes at the front are not on hangers they are coats on pegs – hence they fit.

judy dephillips on 09/12/13

very very clever I hope u do that type of designs for your business

judy dephillips on 09/12/13

I have a small home would love it in my home

tye on 09/15/13

AWESOME! BUT not really a “cube”

Beatriz Ulibarrie on 09/15/13

Good taste, very much practical, space-saving . . . a lot of capacity

Contractor on 09/19/13

What a space saver. Very innovative design.

Anil Sehgal on 09/24/13


Barbara Raley on 09/25/13

Awesome very clever use of space

suman taneja on 09/26/13

really nice idea.I suggest that there must be some support on the top as someone may fall while sleeping without support.

brian vaxter on 09/30/13


Nitpicker on 10/09/13

History does repeat itself. Almost forty years ago, just out of college, in a struggling mill town when lofts were NOT prime real estate, I built a similar concept but 15 x 15 x 10 foot “cube” island with exterior stairs leading to a king mattress, with stereo control center, phone, and TV as my “upstairs” living area. Below, 1/2 was the kitchen and on the other side separated by a wall, bath. Built with 2 x 4s and sheathed partly with homasote and 3/4″ birch plywood. The walls served as a poster gallery, bulletin board. Clothes hung on freestanding racks. It lasted three years until I got transferred to a grown up space.

Cathy on 10/11/13

Ahh, Nitpicker. I also remember those days. Attic apartments were part of what one could afford. Best use of space was the word of the day. I didn’t design the space, but made best use. Now….embracing a 200 year old farmhouse in Vermont which will last another 200 years (though I won’t be here) 🙂

melanie on 10/13/13

reminds me to much of how u live in prison!

daphne on 10/25/13

I want this..arggggg thanks for the idea.

Interiornity on 11/17/13

wow.. such a great solution for small space! oh i wish my college dorm would be like that 🙂

Rock Westfahl on 11/17/13

I don’t think the ladder is a big problem. If the resident is less physically able and assuming enough length you could use a simple set of stairs. This is really a great bit of design.

iGyan on 11/21/13


Bonnie on 11/24/13

This concept is the most efficient one I’ve ever seen. I probably would change the color to add more flair but I truly appreciate the space saving cube idea?

Julie Xo on 11/27/13

What an awesome idea for a bedroom where two people have to share a space. You could lock up what is important, and not have to worry! Great for college students or room mates! Or for fun in a basement for kids.

Claire Rothman on 12/10/13

This is so innovative and space saving. Great idea.

Really interesting tips on living in small spaces and designs that allow you to maximize your enjoyment of that space.

Linda on 12/13/13

this is awesome

larry on 12/19/13

Great concept

Carl on 12/19/13

I love the idea. Looks like it would work only in a tiny, but very TALL apartment or even better in a loft.

Aida kitchens on 12/23/13

i love the idea alot..!!

Roger on 12/26/13

Echo the comments about ceiling height. This would not work in most standard rooms dye to limited vertical space. The ceiling here looks to be 11 feet or more.

Also, some blinds or curtains might be a nice addition for privacy and sleep.

Lifespace Concept on 12/26/13

That was a brilliant idea, you really maximized the potential usage of every piece of your furniture.

Tshering on 12/31/13

Very very useful examples that people can easily copy from the pictures. I am going to make some for myself.

Tshering on 12/31/13

Useful for children where there is space constraints at homes, apartments and condominiums.

Genius on 01/03/14

Great work Till and Remo ! Simply love it ! Wish you a Happy New Year ! 🙂

Robert Hernandez on 01/03/14

Only for some single people will this work.

Amon on 01/04/14

This is precision thinking!

Angie on 01/28/14

I am in love with this idea whole-heartedly. Design, color, creativity, etc…Being the daughter of a life-long carpenter, my father has built some seriously clever, amazing, unbelievable-unless-you-actually-see-it-for-yourself creations for everyone in my entire family…someone is gifted an incredible wooden surprise for every Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc…..the fun part is trying to guess who the lucky recipient is every year. As the mother of a daughter who just entered High School this year, this has got my gears a-spinning. Time for Papa to start planning one of his wonderful gifts for when she enters college and needs one of these for her dorm room….
My only concern would be How difficult, time-consuming, frustrating would one of these be when it comes time to take it apart to move it?? Guess that’s an idea for a design improvement that Papa can incorporate into it. 🙂

Elaine on 02/26/14

Wow, such a great idea. Much space allowed for the basic necessities in a room.

NoMoreMrNiceGuy on 02/27/14

Believe me the hell hole they have lined up for you will not look like this. Think FEMA trailer with a black mold and formaldehyde problem.

Neusimar on 03/01/14

For small space inside type apartament, interesting idea.

Leon on 03/02/14

Ideal way of making say, a students pad, appear larger.

dan on 03/04/14

Great idea! My son needs this!

Ken Bowes on 03/07/14

Great work! As a designer I’ve always found these “space-packing” exercises require tremendous ingenuity!

rebecca jolley on 03/07/14

what an awesome invention!

toni on 03/10/14

Crazy! Crazy – you would have to be organised, but wow! The stuff you could fit in here. My son wants something like this for his room. Imagine the storage he could achieve and sleep on top too. I would need some rails of some description for the top.

Christina on 03/15/14

This would be neat for two kids that have to share one room! each get their own side! how cool!

Sheron Fenty on 03/18/14

This is great idea!!!Especially for two children!!!

Paul Scoropan on 03/21/14

Interesting. All you have is in the cube. When you move just take your cube. Nice!

Teri on 04/23/14

where’d you get that tree ring rug?

Linda Corbin on 06/09/14

Very cool, I sure hope he has some other furniture than those 2 uncomfortable looking chairs !!

Mary Carrol on 06/26/14

designer done a great job. Ideal way of making in a small space.

Interioridea on 07/12/14

interesting design!

Salena Brit on 07/19/14

great minds. good work

Apiwat on 10/27/14

Looks really great! What kind of design style is this called?

Linda on 12/06/14

This is awesome. How would you find out about the cost of this or something like it?

Jilly B on 01/13/15

What a fab idea, looking for ideas to maximise the space in our tiny house and this has definitely got me thinking!

IvanTvnz on 02/23/15

what a great idea 🙂 thanks for sharing this!
I’m appreciate people who visit this website 🙂

Sara on 02/25/15

cool concept, I like it but what if you want and or need to move that around, it just looks super heavy and big, be hard for any one person to move it alone. Also what about when you move out of said small apt? Can it be taken apart or broken down into smaller pieces easily to get it to fit out the door?

Connor on 03/09/16

Nice idea! Ideal for small spaces… Great job!

EasyLiveTrade on 03/30/16

Nice idea for small place. Liked it.

Ron Frazelle on 06/30/16

These ideas are very nice for making small spaces more comfortable and spacious. Read some ideas also:

Pete on 10/25/16

Great idea for a loft type space! If you’ve ever climbed one of those metal ladders in bare feet you’ll know they hurt like hell! I’d modify that. Also makes more sense to move all clothing to inside and just use shallower book shelves on the outside.

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