April 15, 2011

How difficult it is to throw away magazines after you’ve read them? For many of us the answer is – very. They are shiny, they smell of print, and we like to think that we will need them one day for some uber important reference. And that is why magazine clutter is virtually impossible to conquer. But maybe we don’t have to? What if instead of throwing away our precious Vogues and ADs, we could turn them into a design inspiration? Designer Rush Pleansuk did just that. His Full-filled coffee table embraces magazines and uses them as a structural element. By filling this metal folding with your periodics – you create a table surface and, at the same time, turn your clatter into storage.

garagecat on 05/11/11

Like your coffee table sure beats storing magazines next to the toilet.

sherri Hicks on 12/08/12

Please could you tell me where I can buy one of these?


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