October 8, 2013

tuberoom_portable_walk-in_closet_by_tom_villa_superorganism_04 copy

Tom Villa of Superorganism came up with this idea of a strong but lightweight structure that creates a private retreat within an existing space. The piece has wheels for easy positioning in the apartment, it is hinged to open in two halves. The interior is easily reconfigurable to serve a variety of functions – lounge, workspace, reading nook… The use shown here is one of the luxuries we rarely have in a small space – walk-in closet. Thanks to the modularity of the design – you can adapt it to the storage needs you have. The structure is built from plywood and can be covered with different materials.






Barbara on 10/17/13

This is WONDERFUL! Are these for sale? If so, do you have contact information?

I want it!!!

Emily on 02/04/15

Is this for sale? I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!

Sheryl Dobkin on 02/27/15

are these for sale?

Metroplex Invest on 04/05/16

This would perfectly fit my room! How to acquire?

Peter block on 04/19/16

Voters would like to know what the cost is and who I contact to purchase

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