September 8, 2014


This miniature house in north London has made headlines for its whopping listing price – £275,000 (roughly $444.000). Described as a “one-bedroom terraced house” on the seller’s website, the tiny 188 square-foot home is just one room with a bedroom loft. Situated in a fashionable neighborhood of Barnsbury, the deal proves, that location is the key element in urban living. “It’s possibly the smallest house in the world,” said the agent. “It’s just been developed and put on the market. It’s a great crash pad for the area. It’s got everything a house would have and the space is cleverly used. There’s storage under the raised part of the living area, a patio out the front and a window. I’ve been to the property and it’s a really sweet house – it works.”








chris on 09/09/14

Absolutely shameful. Looks like nothing more than a converted car garage/single room extension. Probably put together by an on the make local builder. Amazed the local council will recognise it as a fully compliant and suitable living space in it’s on right.

Jillian on 09/11/14

Chris, what are you talking about? :-) This site is ‘Shoebox Dwelling’. We like this type of property here.

shivam on 09/16/14

Awesome Nd perfect utilization of space….. Really prompting me to buy this house now…. Wonderful

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