March 26, 2015


Pivot table by Amsterdam based designer Lex Pott is all kinds of cute. It makes a lot of sense for a small dwelling too. The piece is tiny and comes in four geometric variations, made to fit in any spot or corner. It looks great on its own or in groupings. Available for purchase here.


March 19, 2014


Taula is a perforated multifunctional table, created by Spanish studio Adretcient. The bottom layer of the tabletop has holes for planters. And the top layer consists of removable panels, so you can control the planter-work surface ratio. You can also add various elements to the tabletop in order to adapt it to different situations. Taula is made of birch and can serve as a desk or a dining table.

Photography by Guifré de Peray


October 1, 2013


Milan based designers Enrico De Lotto, Georgios (koli) Kolliopoulos and Cristian Loddo of studio Mandalaki created this timely object, called Mandalaki table. The piece consists of two iron pipe legs, that are attached to the double faced light blue/white tabletop without any screws, just by virtue of their curve. The table is easy to assemble and disassemble. But the best feature of the piece is the control over pesky cordage. It features six main plugs and two USB ports, which allow to charge iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobile devices. Here is how designers describe their idea: “Our relationship with electronic devices is changing fast, and the number of portable applications grows day by day. That’s why we developed a line of office / house instruments, that integrate the electricity outlet, easy to mount, and adapting to user’s new needs to simplify his actions.” Very clever.

Photography by Miro Zagnoli


September 26, 2013


This small and beautiful writing table has been created by Amsterdam based designer Roel Huisman. The piece is first in its kind, its tabletop is made from polyester resin. Added pigments informed the subtle aquamarine color and the opaque quality. Ash-wood accessories complete the workspace. The table features a lamp, a vase and a small storage compartment, concealed by a sliding ash writing surface.


September 24, 2013


Lean Man table series were created by UK based studio & Then Design. It is the combination of a table and a bookshelf that really made me look. Made out of ash and spray lacquered MDF, the Leaning Man range uses the wall to hold themselves in position. And, as it is typical for any leaning constructions, the more weight you put onto them – the more stable they become. The pieces are produced in seven vibrant colors. Available for purchase here (or, if you’re in the US – here).


June 6, 2013


7wonders modular table by Swedish designer Amanda Karsberg is a set of six differently sized tables that can be put into various configurations. Thanks to the shape of these pieces, they fit together intuitively and can be easily rearranged when needed. You can disperse them around and use them as occasional tables and consoles, put them together to create a large desk or a dining table, create a combination of a small desk, a display and a console and more. The variations are multiple. Beautiful idea.

(via the mag)


April 8, 2013


Seating and storage are the things any home needs more of. So Sweden based designers Kyuhyung Cho and Hironori Tsukue obliged and created the Oneness collection, consisting of two chairs and a low table that can be flipped, stacked and turned into a shelving unit. Designers explain their vision: “The multifunctional purpose and extendable system can enrich a variety of spaces from office to home, through its simple, combinable and modern form inspired by the fusion of East Asian and Scandinavian design.” The assembly is easy and intuitive – the structure is fixed by connecting each element with a clip inserted into small holes on the corners of the chair or table. This way you can build your storage as high and wide as you like by adding more chairs and tables. When the chair is turned upside down to make a shelf, it reveals a hidden space on the bottom of the back for books and other small objects. Oneness is made from Finnish natural birch plywood.


March 11, 2013


Designer Tim Defleur created these multifunctional tables, called simply ETC. The function of each of these items is meant to be defined by the user, designer doesn’t presume that you’ll use them only as side tables, desks, bedside tables or other. The ETC tables can be all that and more. The line consists of three lovely oak pieces that can be grouped or used individually in any room of the house for dining, working, storage etc. The tables feature tablet-friendly grooves, cord openings and  leg-mounted platforms for computer adapters. Technology- and small space-friendly, ETC tables make a lot of sense for an urban apartment dweller.


January 10, 2013


belTable by Marcin Pogorzelsk is a very clever idea. Instead of screws, glue or other assembly nastiness, the piece is held together by a single belt (belt, belTable – geddit?).  “Our designing goal was to minimize mechanism of a table and reduce problems with transportation and putting together at home,” – says the designer. Indeed. To put the piece together just thread the belt through the holes in each of the legs, and you’re done. The disassembly is equally a snap. Wonderful.


May 8, 2012

It’s that time of year when the little outdoor space we have is being enjoyed and celebrated. And if you are an urban dweller, every square inch of that space should be used wisely. This brilliant little item by Torafu Architects, called Skydeck, allows you to have an eating or drinking surface without cluttering your balcony (or fire escape) with outdoor furniture. Made from canadian red cedar, the Skydeck provides a simple and functional addition to any place with handrails. It attaches to the rails effortlessly and folds flat when not in use. Creates space, takes zero space when stored – beautiful idea.

(via designboom)