August 16, 2011

When it comes to air purification, house plants still remain the safest and the most visually attractive option. That is why French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards employed the power of plants to create Andrea, the eco-friendly air purifier. The idea is simple – air is sucked into the device, where it gets filtered through the plant, soil and water. After that it gets recirculated back into the room. No filters to change, no components to clean. Just a beautiful, quiet machine that takes as much space as an average planter. Andrea is low on energy consumption and works with any plant.

(HT Dornob)

August 9, 2011

Bluelounge is known for their innovative decluttering solutions. Here is a new little gizmo they made, called MiniDock. It is designed for docking your iPhone and iPod right into a wall socket. The device is compatible with your existing Apple USB power adapter (or any other USB adapter for that matter). Kind people of Bluelounge believe that it is a bad practice to leave our precious OMGiWant thing on the floor for docking, it may scratch (the disaster!) and pick up germs. This dock provides a compact and safe place for our shiny toy and eliminates clutter from cords. The piece is a great travel companion as well. Watch the video to learn more details about the device.

Mono dishwasher, designed by Daniel Simonini, is smaller than your average dish rack. Yet it can hold 4 plates, 4 glasses (or cups), and a set of flatware. Inspired by sea sponges, the piece has a smooth exterior and slick design that can agree with any space. But the best feature, in my opinion, is the fact that the pressurized water, used for cleaning the dishes, is also employed to power the device’s battery making it carbon-neutral. Perfect for an eco-friendly urban apartment.

July 6, 2011

Dishwasher is a notorious space eater in the kitchen. That is why designers come up with more and more ideas on how to combine it with other things. Here is another interesting concept – a dishwasher hiding under the drainboard of the sink. How intuitive and simple. It is on the small side, so there are some minor sacrifices, but, according to the manufacturer, the appliance can easily accommodate up to five place settings, including dinner plates up to 11 inches. So, just like in science fiction, you can dump your dirty dishes in the sink and press the button.

June 29, 2011

It seems that there are two basic types of aircons on the market today – ugly and hideous. Aside from that – all of them play real havoc with your electric bill and negatively impact the environment. This impressive concept from designer Rami Santala is envisioned to address both problems. Visually stunning piece, called Foliage, is small enough to fit on a windowsill and smart enough to detect sunlight and use it to power the device. Inspired by houseplants, Foliage transforms the shape of its ‘leaves’ to harvest more light. Another reason why this idea makes perfect sense is that we mostly need air-conditioning during the summer, when the sunlight is abundant. So, there you have it – the air that is clean and cool in all senses of the word.

June 23, 2011

A dish rack is the worst space offender in the kitchen, if you ask me. Even if it is cool and designy, it still takes a lot of precious counter real estate. The mission of this product is to change all that by eliminating the need for a dish rack altogether. Andrew Parsons of Canada’s Humber College developed a concept for Electrolux, called Breeze. It is a portable dryer that helps you quickly dry your hand washed dishes. The principle is simple – a digital pulse motor concentrates air to a thin stream that blows the plate dry when once moved through the machine. The air travels at a speed of 400 MPH (644 km/h) and leaves your dishes dry and, since you’re not using towels, bacteria free and safe. Brilliant!

June 14, 2011

Say you are a student, or a traveler, or you live in Manhattan and have a cupboard-sized kitchen… Whatever the situation might be, if you are forced to cook in a tiny space, consider CookEase by Liew Ann Lee - a compact integrated cooking system. It contains a heater and two color coated stainless steel bowls. The heater operates on magnetic induction and is made from silicone. The whole set folds into a case, that looks like a lunchbox. Portable, kind to your stomach and fun.

June 6, 2011

A dishwasher is usually a ‘one trick pony’ kind of object, it rarely performs any functions other than doing your dishes (based on my personal experience – you are fairly lucky if it does just that). But wouldn’t it be brilliant if it could add more to your home? Designer Kim Joomin thought so. That is why he created this incredible concept for Elecrolux. The item, called Dishwasher L, is a light fixture that doubles as an appliance. Positioned over the dining table, Dishwasher L will handle plates, glasses and flatware, quickly eliminating the immediate mess. In addition to its obvious space-saving properties, the piece recycles & purifies used water for the next wash. Because what kind of a futuristic object it would be if it wasn’t eco friendly?..


May 24, 2011

The subtle humor of this piece made me smile. The Habitco‘s Day Maker bedside phone charger/alarm hub is made to resemble a common kitchen toaster. When it is time to wake up – the phone pops up like a slice of toast, and if you want to snooze – just push it back into its tray (you can do it even with your eyes closed). As a fully customizable alarm clock, Day Maker lets you choose the song on your iPhone (or iPod) you wish to wake up to. It is true that nothing says morning like a piece of toast popping in a toaster. Add your favorite Apple product to it – and it might just make your whole day…

May 10, 2011

This retro-looking credenza from RAAD studio is not only an inspired piece of design, made to give your space that awesome mid-century vibe. There is a high-end stereo system incorporated into the piece — a solution to all of those hideous stereos and speakers. The cabinet itself is fitted with speakers and at the same time serves as a storage unit. So, no more unsightly music equipment miscellany, and no more wires and cords scattered on the floor. Everything is concealed inside this elegant, hand-crafted living room cabinet.