August 5, 2011

Milestone is a clever minimal storage solution for those of us who park bikes indoors. Designed by Japanese trio Mile, the piece is made of marble and comes in custom sizes. Each made-to-order cube is fitted perfectly to a specific bike. And when you are not using it, Milestone can be displayed as a nice sculptural object or simply stored away.

March 4, 2011

We, urban dwellers, constantly struggle to come up with compact and functional bike storage. This unusual piece goes beyond simply providing a place for your two-wheeled friend, it puts your bike to work! Created by Store Muu Design Studio, the PIT IN bike desk utilizes the bike saddle, turning it into a chair. Made entirely from plywood, the piece is fairly light and easily movable. Skeptics might argue that a bike seat makes the most uncomfortable chair imaginable. However, if you are not planning to write a novel and just want to take a coffee break and check emails, the PIT IN desk will serve you well.

Source: bookofjoe

January 5, 2011


People living in a megapolis love their bikes. The problem is – ‘big city’ often means ‘small apartment.’ That is why our beloved two-wheeled companions either sit in a storage room gathering dast or get in the way of any basic motion. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put your bike on the shelf, like a book, and take it from it only when you need it? Well, this exact idea inspired Bike Shelf, created by the San-Francisco based designer Chris Brigham (aka Knife and Saw). The piece is made from walnut or ash and can be attached to the wall via a steel rod mount. The flat surface on top can serve as an actual book shelf or provide storage for bike accessories and other small items.

Source: Designboom