June 11, 2015



Cologne based design studio Kaschkasch created this space-saving beauty, called Fju. When folded down it serves as a small workspace. Folded up Fju changes it‘s appearance and transforms into a slim storage shelf. Fantastic.


November 19, 2014


If you like The Floyd Leg, you’re going to love this new addition to the line – The Floyd Shelf. The principle here is the same: a set of brackets holds a flat surface of your choice, instantly creating a shelf. Just attach the brackets to the wall and clamp them to the material. The piece comes in white, black, or red powder coat finish. It works with any surface up to 1 5/8″ (4 cm) thick. Available for purchase here.


April 23, 2013


This clever little shelf/bookend has been created by Tokyo based design studio YOY. The piece, called Extend, can be attached to a desk or to an existing bookshelf in order to generate some extra space. With the books in place, Extend becomes invisible and creates an illusion of books floating in the air. Beautiful. The piece is made from powder coated steel.


January 3, 2012

This idea is apparently so good, not one, but two companies had thought of it. Cubby by Materious (above) and Hooknook by Flip & Tumble (below) are variations of one clever storage solution – a hook that doubles as a small shelf. The item can fit any room and fulfill multiple duties around the house. Perfect for entry areas as a place to hang a scarf or a handbag and store keys at the same time, it will also work near your desk, in the kitchen or bathroom and hold small items or any kind. These little hooks with cubbies inside them are smart and unobtrusive. I also like that, thanks to the volume, they won’t damage coat collars or purse handles with sharp edges.