February 5, 2013


This fun and attractive hybrid between a clothing hook and a mirror has been designed by London based designer Kirsty Whyte for Danish brand Normann Copenhagen. The piece, called Ready, consists of a round frame made of steel and a round mirror. Not only this shape looks lovely on the wall, it is ergonomic and won’t deform collars of your clothing. Perfect for an entry area or a bathroom. The Ready hook comes in six colors.


March 21, 2012

Entry area is usually a place where we unload our daily gear – handbags, umbrellas, scarves… And the simpler the process is organized, the less clutter stays in the area. This next item by design collective Viable London is very straightforward and takes virtually no space. The OTT hook collection, comprised of four hooks, allows you to use your door as a base. The hooks are attached with a single screw and removed just as easily. Different lengths and color choices add variety and let you match the arrangement to the existing decor. The items are made from powder-coated steel, have rounded edges to avoid snags and adhesive rubber to protect your door. Available for a short time at Made.


February 12, 2012

I just had a ‘cute overload’ moment over a wall hook (don’t judge). Brooklyn based designer David Barry created a hook, called Frank, that is simply adorable. Made from powder coated metal, the rabbit-resembling piece is also strong and, with such likable personality, ideal for kids’ rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways, you name it. Here is how Barry describes the design: “Frank is a quiet sort of fellow, who simply likes to hang out. He’s incredibly patient and diligent. If you ask him to hold something, he’ll never let go. He is quite literally as strong as steel, though he’s just three inches tall.” Ha! Pledge on David Barry’s Kickstarter page if you want to get yours.


January 3, 2012

This idea is apparently so good, not one, but two companies had thought of it. Cubby by Materious (above) and Hooknook by Flip & Tumble (below) are variations of one clever storage solution – a hook that doubles as a small shelf. The item can fit any room and fulfill multiple duties around the house. Perfect for entry areas as a place to hang a scarf or a handbag and store keys at the same time, it will also work near your desk, in the kitchen or bathroom and hold small items or any kind. These little hooks with cubbies inside them are smart and unobtrusive. I also like that, thanks to the volume, they won’t damage coat collars or purse handles with sharp edges.