December 26, 2010

A single strip of curved plywood was all that was needed to make this home office. Designed to fit even the smallest of spaces, this workstation by MisoSoup studio, incorporates a working surface and a shelving unit in one unusual layout. By wrapping shelves around the desk, designers not only saved some inches, but also made the unit more enclosed and secluded. The bamboo laminated plywood is flexible and light, which makes it a perfect material for the job. Bamboo is also a rapidly renewable material. So, what we see here is an environmentally sustainable design. Not just an eye candy.

Olga on 12/27/10

This is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! For ppl that have limited space it’s a life-saver. I would recommend it to anyone i know. It looks great, too

Victor on 01/22/11

I completely agree with the comment above! and I might be a lit bit late to posting my comment but I barely found your blog.

repka on 01/22/11

Thank you, Victor! Glad you found SD. Keep in touch.

victor on 01/23/11

Bookmarked it. :)

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