February 15, 2012


table by Italian studio AK47 is a fun and multifunctional piece. It can be accessorized with various additional uses according to your changing tastes and necessities. The table can feature a planter, a candleholder or even a small elegant fireplace, thanks to the addition of a ready-to-assemble bioethanol burner kit. The tabletop is not really on a small size, but neither is a storage compartment underneath it, which can hold your books, periodics, work-related items and more. Beautiful, clever design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

(Via Urban Gardens)

kirsten on 02/20/12

love this table, best of all: it can grow with your family (no corners!) from toy storage to sophisticated coffee table !

Robert on 03/02/12

How do you buy? I went to their website and didn’t see a buy option.

Felicity on 03/02/12

I’ve been looking for a round coffee table for ‘the longest’ time and here it is!
Happy days!

claire sambrook on 03/02/12

frustrating when you cannot buy . . too many things are getting promoted like this . .

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