April 22, 2014


Human fascination with fire knows no space boundaries. Even shoebox dwellers want to have fire places. This minimalist item from Acquaefuoco can fit the bill for the most space challenged of us. Compact and elegant, the fireplace utilizes bio-ethanol. It will add a lot of warmth and character to your apartment without adding any mess of a traditional fireplace. Available for purchase here.


February 15, 2012


table by Italian studio AK47 is a fun and multifunctional piece. It can be accessorized with various additional uses according to your changing tastes and necessities. The table can feature a planter, a candleholder or even a small elegant fireplace, thanks to the addition of a ready-to-assemble bioethanol burner kit. The tabletop is not really on a small size, but neither is a storage compartment underneath it, which can hold your books, periodics, work-related items and more. Beautiful, clever design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

(Via Urban Gardens)


December 23, 2010

Observe the following: two living room hits, fireplace and TV, come together in one clever design. Envisioned by the Dutch designer Jan Des Bouvrie and produced by Safretti, this piece brings you the best of both worlds. An eco-friendly ethanol fireplace and an LCD TV screen are incorporated into a slick, modern object. This model, logically called Double Vision, comes in two finishes – basic black and even more basic brushed stainless steel.