July 19, 2012

There are many tricks designers use to incorporate a full dining experience into a confined urban setting. They often make a table really compact or foldable. Designer Lisa Tischer went on a completely different quest. Her Living Table is a generously sized piece. The secret is in its adaptability to many different activities and roles. Here is how she describes it: “I see the Living Table as a platform, meeting place and workstation. It is the centre of a home and lives from being in use. It is a reluctant and unobtrusive piece of furniture but though something special and unique with many ingenious details. The Living Table is much more than just a simple dining table; it can be a workstation and a home office at the same time.” The table is equipped with a light (perfect for work or as an ambient illumination at the dinner table), several outlets for your devices or cooking electrics, and a generous number of drawers, big enough for your work papers or dining paraphernalia. Thus, by shifting the line between work, cooking and entertaining, the table can be used for all three, the heart of a home, indeed.

(via mocoloco)

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